Installing security cameras in your home is a good idea if you have children and want to monitor them constantly, even when you are in another room. Either a dedicated security camera can be installed, or an old iPhone or iPad can be converted into a security camera.

The top security camera applications for iPhone and iPad are listed here. Although not all of them are free, you can test them out to see which one best meets your needs.

Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred - Alarm - VIGI Pet Monitor - Security Camera App For Iphone

You can download this security camera app on the iPhone for free, you must spend money to use it. The finest choice currently available is undoubtedly Alfred Home Security Camera. Anyone can view your live broadcasts, and most other applications do not offer this unique functionality.

Regarding the features, you can obtain an immediate alert, limitless cloud storage, etc. The best characteristic is seeing in the dark. This option should come in very handy if you are putting this up for a baby. 


Alarm - VIGI Pet Monitor - Security Camera App For Iphone

iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad & Apple TV users can access You may use your iOS device to remotely monitor and manage your house using this software. It provides video monitoring, home automation, and energy management.

With the aid of this programme, you can lock or unlock doors, activate or deactivate various security panels and more. You can surely use this sophisticated application to manage every aspect of your home’s security regardless of where you are. 

VIGI Pet Monitor

VIGI Pet Monitor - Security Camera App For Iphone

Install this application if you have a pet in your home and you need to leave it while going to work. With the help of the pet monitor VIGI, pet owners can keep an eye on their dogs, cats, and other animals from anywhere.

Live video streaming and a two-way audio receiver are available. Other functions include quick notification, motion/sound alert with auto-photo capture, etc. Although the Apple Watch does not have this security camera software, you may configure it to work with it so that you are not always checking your phone.

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Baby Cloud Monitor

Baby Cloud Monitor -Security Camera App For Iphone

Install an app like Cloud Baby Monitor if you want to watch over your baby while you are in the kitchen. This was created especially for parents of young children. You can communicate with your infant, receive prompt alerts for motion or sound, etc. You can use the zoom in/out feature to see the finer details.

The best part of this app is its audio quality because it can also hear breathing sounds. Another helpful feature is that you may use the same app to view the kid from various perspectives if you have numerous devices and wish to. 

Security Camera App for At Home

Security Camera App for At Home - Buzyrepoters

Another choice for keeping an eye on your children or pets while you are away from home is the At Home Camera Security App. You may view the live feed no matter where you are, just like with several other common security camera programmes.

This security app offers settings for facial recognition and motion detection. This app is superior to certain other apps because of the app’s decent video quality. Similar to Cloud Baby Monitor, you may use this software to keep an eye on your child or pet from various perspectives.

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Presence - Security Camera App For Iphone

Another highly rated app compatible with iOS 8 and later is Presence, which is operated by Care Daily, the app’s parent company. The app, which, like Alfred, calls for two iPhones or iPads, enables you to keep an eye on your house with live streaming video, motion detection, and prompt notifications.

This software differs from others since it also gives you control over a wide range of compatible sensors that can be linked together via Wi-Fi, transforming your secure house into a smart home.


Reolink - Security Camera App For Iphone

You may have noticed that there are numerous home security apps available for both iOS and Android devices, including Reolink. The Reolink app stands out due to its quick and easy features.

When paired with the company’s cameras, it creates a powerful home security system. It can be downloaded via the company’s official website or the App Store. It has been shown to be the top iPhone and Android home security app for keeping an eye on activity both inside and outside of your homes.