Shiv Thakare I Didn’t Want A 3rd Person To Win Bigg Boss 16

Runner-up in Bigg Boss 16 Shiv Thakare discusses his journey, the differences between the Salman Khan-hosted programme and its Marathi equivalent, and how he lost the prize to best friend MC Stan. Bigg Boss Marathi was previously won by Thakare.

Shiv Thakare entered Bigg Boss 16 with the “dream” of winning the competition after winning the Marathi version of the programme in 2019. His journey finished as the runner-up, though, and his best friend MC Stan was crowned the victor of the Salman Khan-hosted competition. In an exclusive interview with, Shiv expressed his happiness with his journey.

Bigg Boss 16 Runner Up Thakare

“This wasn’t intended to happen, and I believe in fate. Sincerity be damned, Stan and I both make me extremely pleased and proud. Sincerity be damned, my only goal in being on the show was to leave with a little bit more than I came with. I believe I am giving so much more back.

R. Madhavan stated in the movie 3 Idiots that losing a race doesn’t hurt as much as your friend winning it. Shiv thakare laughed at the allusion and claimed that it didn’t apply to him because he also wanted Stan to win. “I didn’t want both of us to leave so that someone else could take the prize. And it’s not just me; I believe the whole mandali is ecstatic about his victory. He deserved it so much.

When discussing his travels, Shiv thakare remarked that the day it was performed was his happiest day. When he said that he had always wanted to be appreciated, Bigg Boss not only showered him with accolades but also gave him the feeling of specialness he had always craved.

MC Stan Bigg Boss 16 Winner

The runner-up discussed his gameplay and stated that he was happy for himself for standing up for himself and never wanting to fawn his way to the top. Shiv thakare responded that both experiences were really very fun yet very different yet fun when questioned about the similarities and differences between Bigg Boss Marathi 2 and Bigg Boss 16.

“Through that event, I made connections with folks from my roots and hometown. I hope I was able to expand my audience with this. I am aware that I have previously stated that this has been my dream, but I really believe that everything happens for a reason. I made it through the entire season, and I believe God has something better in store for me,” he continued.

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Shiv Thakre Appeared in Roadies and Big Boss Marathi

Shiv Thakare has faced numerous accusations of misogyny throughout the course of the programme, and he has even come under fire for trying to win over viewers by referring to himself as “the average guy.” In response, he said that because he was raised in a “equality-driven” environment, he never made a distinction between contestants based on their gender.

He said he had always believed that everyone in the house ought to be treated equally. Shiv thakare claimed that not many people are aware of his trip and that is why he refers to himself as an “ordinary man.” Although he has appeared on Roadies and Bigg Boss Marathi, he said that not many people in the audience are familiar with those programmes.

Salman Khan

“I doubt that anyone would ever comprehend the effort it took for me to go this far. When I read that some people have been rejecting programmes for years, I’m startled. People have rejected me, cut off my calls, or spoken angrily to me. To get here, I labored arduously for six years while dreaming. For a chance, I would phone so many individuals, and because of this, I feel like I haven’t even begun my adventure,” he stated.

Shiv Thakare concluded by saying that the Mandali was “simply meant to be” and that they never planned to be together. “A game that involves a group of individuals will eventually disintegrate. But with us, we struck up relationships from the heart, and we shall do so forever.

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